Nail Of The Day: Color Club Best Dressed List

Hey Beauties!

I hope you are all having a great Monday so far. My, where did the weekend go? The weather here in New York was wonderful this weekend. That made my weekend more enjoyable :)

I am currently sporting Color Club's Best Dressed List ($2.99) on my nails. When I saw this gorgeous nude polish, I knew I had to buy it because I don't really have anything like this. Best Dressed List is a gorgeous nude creamy soft beige, with a tiny hint of brown color that is perfect for days when you just want to keep your nails simple and well groomed at the same time. Might I also add this color is very work office-friendly?
I applied 2 coats of this polish and as usual with Color Club polishes this polish applied like a dream, and dried pretty quick too.

What are you all sporting on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments section, I would love to know!

Here is to a great week :)


  1. ahh thats soo pretty!
    where did u buy it? plz say a drugstore lol.

  2. Thanks! I got it at Bed Bath N Beyond. The color club polishes there are only 2.99 and they have a bunch! :)

  3. Thats soo pretty!!Love pastel!!

  4. i love those shades of polishes. they look pretty and neat :)

  5. thats pretty !!!
    im forever searching for colours like this and i can never find :/

    xo mw

  6. I cant remember what magazine i read it in, but beige nudes are the new season hotness. tha color looks so pretty on you. I cant find any spring colors that i die ofr, im stickin with my fav bright purple for now :)

  7. Pretty cute. I like that color, very close to my skin color.

  8. That is such a beautiful color.