Product Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion In Eden

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I am sure everybody knows that in order for eye shadows to last longer and to make them appear more vibrant, an eyeshadow primer is a must! Especially for people who have oily eye lids such as :(

My HG primer has been Urban Decay's famous Primer Potion. There is another Urban Decay Primer Potion besides the original sheer nude color, and it is called Sin. Sin is a pretty shimmery champagne colored primer. But I am having a lot of fun hanging with Urban Decay Primer Potion's newest cousin-Eden.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden ($18.00) is a yellow-ish, matte eyeshadow primer that according to the Sephora website, claims to provide "smoother, longer-lasting, and crease proof eyeshadow". I am really loving Eden so far. Mostly in part because I have discolored eye lids and by using Eden, I don't need to apply a concealer first to cover up the lid discoloration like I would have to do when I was using the original Urban Decay Primer Potion. Eden has a nice tint of tawny yellow that evens out my lids very nicely. Not only that, but it gives my eye lids a nice, smooth base for my eye shadows to adhere to.

Eden Blended out-nice matte finish!

I noticed that with Eden a little bit definitely goes a long way. I used to apply the original Urban Decay Primer Potion carelessly, but with Eden I only need to apply a tiny dot and that is enough to cover and even out my whole eye lid. As for packaging, it is the same packaging as the original primer potion but the bottle is a different color and the wand has a slanted tip, which is used to help scoop more of the product out. But honestly, I am not a fan of the Urban Decay Primer Potion packaging. I just wish it was in a squeeze tube. With the original packaging, I would always need to "dissect" the bottle and scoop all the product that is at the bottom and the sides of the bottle, and transfer it to a little empty jar. Urban Decay, if you are reading this-please consider changing the packaging!

Lastly, as for lasting power...I think it lasts pretty well. May I dare say it? In my opinion even better than the original primer potion! There is still some creasing at the end of the day but not as bad as there was when I would use the original primer potion. I would say I still have 85 percent of the shadow and vibrancy of it when I get home after a long day at school. Pretty impressed with you Eden!

1. This primer is free from parabens, sulfates, and fragrance-free
2. Makes eye shadows vibrant and crease free for a good while
3. Has a nice yellow-tint to it which is nice to even out discolored lids
4. I like the slanted wand, which is an improvement from the old wand
5. A little goes a long way, so this will last a long time
6. It is matte-no shimmer or sparkles here!

1. A bit pricey-$18!
2. Dislike the packaging-wish it was in a squeeze tube, that way we can surely get every bit of product out

Overall, I am very happy with Eden and I would repurchase again! What do you all think of Eden? Have any of you tried it? Want to? Let me know in the comments section :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product with my own money, for my personal use.


  1. i was eyeing this! might grab it now =]

  2. :)If you try it let me know how it works out for you! I hope you like it as much as I do.

  3. I love UDPP, when I run out (which might not be for like 10 years) I want to try this.

  4. Hey Heather! I know, UDPP lasts a long time :)