Mini Goodies! MAC and E.L.F.

Hey Dolls!

I hope your day was great :) I did some shopping this past weekend and I picked up a few goodies from MAC and a Bronzer from E.L.F.

First I want to talk about the 2 Blush Ombres that I got from MAC's latest collection, Spring Colour Forecast. This collection is huge! I am sure many of you can find something in this collection, as there is bound to be something for everyone.

I ended up being intrigued by 2 Blush Ombres because I loved the fact that it consisted of two waves of colors, that transition very nicely with one another. I got Azelea Blossom Blush Ombre ($25.00) from the Spring Colour 1 Forecast, which consists of pretty pinks. And I got the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre ($25.00) from the Spring Colour 2 Forecast, which consists of pretty corals.

MAC Blush Ombre-Azelea Blossom

Azelea Blossom is a beautiful blush that contains a pretty medium pink color that fades into a medium purple. This blush may look scary in the pan, but believe me there is nothing to fear! This blush applied beautifully and it's pretty buildable. You can go from a sheer wash of color to a medium build. I love applying the Blush Ombres with a stippling brush, as I feel it gives my cheeks a pretty, soft, and well-blended pop of pink color. This blush does contain shimmers, but the blush is very Finley-milled and I hardly see the shimmer on my cheeks, so it is not very prominent. I am left with a pretty pink, soft glow. This has got to be my favorite new every-day blush.

MAC Blush Ombre-Ripe Peach

Left To Right: Azelea Blossom, Ripe Peach

Ripe Peach is a gorgeous Blush Ombre that I am sure would flatter every skin tone. I am a girl that loves peach blushes and I am really glad I picked this one up. It seems to me that Ripe Peach contains 3 gradient colors-A soft golden yellow, a soft peach, and a dark peach. This blush does contain some gold shimmers but again, as I stated for the Azelea Blossom the shimmers are not very prominent.

MAC Lipsticks Left To Right: Angel and Myth

MAC-Angel Lipstick

MAC-Myth Lipstick

While at MAC, I also picked up 2 lipsticks,
Angel and Myth ($14.00 Each). Angel (Frost) is a beautiful soft pink color. I bet it would look great with smokey eyes. I also heard it was Kim Kardashian's favorite lipstick :) And Lastly, Myth (Satin) is a pale peachy-beige color-perfect for pairing with smokey eyes as well. Although I do love Myth, my favorite MAC nude lipstick hands down is Creme D' Nude-HG status! I do love the formulas of both of the lipsticks. But I must admit that Myth is a tricky lippie to pull off. Make sure your lips are really smooth, and conditioned before applying this lipstick as it tends to accentuate any dry spots.

E.L.F. bronzing Powder in SunKissed

E.L.F. Sunkissed Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

I have never tried any of the E.L.F. Healthy Glow bronzing Powders ($1.00), so I decided to give this baby a try. It is a very pretty medium golden shimmered bronze color, but it looks a bit muddy on me if I apply it with a heavy hand. But if you apply it with a light touch or with a stippling brush
, you get a nice all over glow to your face. I like to use this bronzer to contour as well. The cons I find about this bronzer is that the packaging is very cheap. I am sure if this dropped it would break to bits. I also am not fond of the texture of the powder. It is very powdery, and messy. Overall I am glad I purchased this, and for $1.00 what did I have to lose? I would like to try the other colors of the E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders. Maybe I will try a softer bronzer next time.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you all enjoyed this mini haul :)

Have any of you tried anything mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments section loves!

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products with my money for my personal use. I am not affiliated with any of the companoes mentioned above.


  1. Nice haul, can't wait to see the blush ombres & lipcolors on you.

  2. Thank Kimmy!

    I am really loving the Blush Ombres...I am thinking of buying some more as backup because I use them everyday lol :) I wish MAC would make these permanent :(

  3. I really, really want the blush ombres and Ember Gloss. There's no MAC here and I'll have to order online... but I'm still debating.
    But I wanted to swatch them first. :(

    But then I want blush from the upcoming collection.

  4. MAC comes out with so many collections at about the same time, it is insane lol. Everything they come out with is so pretty, and that makes it so hard to choose what you really want to get. LOL!

    But I do recommend the Blush Ombres. They are really pretty :)

  5. I got Angel and I absolutely love it! I've been seeing Myth around lately and it looks like an absolutely gorgeous lipstick. Definitely on my want list! :)

  6. Angel sure is pretty :) I feel it is a perfect lippie for daytime or night time.