Nail Of The Day: Bright Neon Green and Black + Konad!

Hey Dolls!

I hope you are all having a rockin' day so far. I woke up super early this morning (7 AM!) and was instantly hit by this rush to do some Konad. Oh my goodness, not only am I a makeup addict, I am truly becoming a Konad addict as well-I live it, and breathe it! hahaha ok, just kidding! But I did come up with a super cute Konad flower print design.

For the neon green base color, I used 2 coats of Color Club nail polish in 'Limelight'. Limelight is an insanely bright, neon green color that sadly was not captured true to color on my camera. This color is gorgeous for summer! I have had this polish for awhile now and I never really rocked it until now...boy was I missing out. This polish applied really nicely-no streaks, or air bubbles, and I love the fact that this nail polish dries super fast as well.

I used a cute, retro flower image from Konad image plate m64. For the black polish I used Konad Special Polish in black. And I sealed everything with Konad clear top coat.

Here are some pictures (click images for enlargement). I hope you all enjoy, and Thank You all so much for stopping by!

Color Club-Limelight (2 coats)

No Flash (natural light)


Flower Design (circled in red) from Konad image plate m64

Left to Right:
Base-Brucci Nail Hardener in Clear
Color Club-Limelight
Konad Special Polish in Black
Konad Clear Top Coat

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Konad in any way. I purchased all of these products mentioned above with my money, for my personal use.


  1. ahhh neons, how i love them sooo! lol. Ive already picked out my first knoad plate, I cant wait to place my order :)

  2. na u so rock with these nail designs and always having fabulous colors too

  3. Thank you everyone! I did end up taking off the green polish...I don't know, I took a closer look and I wasn't feeling it lol. Ahhh...maybe in the summertime :P