Product Rave: Avon Skin So Soft Whipped Body Oil Has Me Smooth As Butter This Winter

Hey loves! TGIF...weekend is almost here and I am ready to partyyyy.

The other day when I was looking through my drawer of "why don't I use this stuff anymore" I happened to be yet again encountered by my pretty much full bottle of Avon Skin So Soft Whipped Body Oil ($7.00)-the soft and sensual one. This lotion contains Shea Butter and Vitamins that are used to moisturize the skin and claims to leave the skin "radiant and velvety soft"...This is so true! No lie, this product does just that.

Avon Skin So Soft Soft And Sensual Whipped Body Oil (Original)

I put some of this whipped body oil on my arms, and legs and I was surprised that this lotion dried down pretty fast and I did not have that sticky, after lotion feel. My skin was so smooth and it even had a nice and healthy looking radiant glow to it. Ever since then I have been using this as my everyday lotion after I jump out of the shower. I love the smell too, I can't really describe it but it is a fresh, clean smell that is easy on those with sensitive noses. The smell does not linger too much. I can smell little, tiny hints of it on my arms as the day goes by.

Overall, I love this stuff! And when I looked at the Avon website it seems like they completely changed their packaging of their skin so soft line. I was looking for this particular product and I could not find it! I don't want to think that they discontinued this awesome body oil. So, I found a product that could be similar to this one,
Avon Skin So Soft Soft and Sensual Gelled Body Oil ($7.00). I have not tried that one, but I am pretty sure that it is the same one, just with a different packaging and a "new and improved formula". Have any of you tried this stuff? Tell me that you love it as much as I do in the comments section!

Skin So Soft Soft And Sensual Gelled Body Oil-New Formula

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Avon. I bought this product with my own money. For more information about my posting policies click here to be directed to my disclaimer.

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