Nail Of The Day: Zoya "Indigo"

Hey dolls!

Here is the current nail polish that I am sporting on my nails. It is Indigo by Zoya. Indigo is a beautiful Deep Navy Blue with tons of small and very fine red, green, and gold glitters. I love how the polish looks on my nails-rich, deep beautiful navy. The thing that really bummed me out though was the fact that the glitters are hardly noticeable on the nail :( You can see the small glitters, but you need to hit a certain light angle to do so, or look really, really close.

Overall, I do love the color and again as with all the Zoya polishes I have used, it applies like a dream. Great, even and opaque look with only 2 coats. I topped it off with a clear top coat.

Another thing I want to mention with this polish is that it is best to apply thick coats as opposed to light coats. I find this way the polish avoids getting streaky, and you get the opaque look much quicker with very little effort. And the drying time was super quick it!

Here are some pics. I tried to capture the glitters as best I could. Thanks for stopping by! (click pics to enlarge)

Close Up Of Zoya Indigo

Have any of you tried Indigo? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments section :)

Disclosure: I purchased this polish with my money.

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