Philosophy: The Recipe Box...can you say treat in a bottle!

Philosophy The Recipe Box-isn't the box cute!

Yup, it's that time of year again, Tis' the season to start thinking about gifts! I love the holidays, and I love gift sets! They are so convenient and might I add, have adorable packaging. Some sets are already wrapped up so nicely in a box taking the gift-wrapping work off of your hands.

Philosophy comes out with so many skincare, and body sets throughout the year. Frankly, I have never tried any of Philosophy's 3 in one shower gels (I know, shame on me). While I was at Sephora, I was immediately drawn to The Recipe Box ($18.00) (limited edition), which contained 2 shower gels in Red-Velvet Cake, and Sweet Creamy Frosting. Both shower gels are each 6oz, which is a nice try-me size. And for $18.00, not a bad deal eh?

I smelled the shower gels and omg! I was literally in heaven when I took a sniff of Red Velvet Cake! It smells so wonderful, I can smell it all day. To me this shower gel smells a little like chocolate with a mix of cherries. And when I used it in the shower I was blown away. I squirted a dime sized amount of the shower gel on my loofah sponge and washed away. Wow, this stuff really makes your shower experience a really pleasant one. The whole bathroom smelled like the red velvet cake body wash. This is a great trait because I am a person who has trouble waking up in the morning, and taking a shower with this shower gel really wakes me up! It just smells so good, I can't say it enough.

I have not tried the Sweet Creamy Frosting shower gel yet, as I want to finish up using the red velvet cake one (yes, sometimes I like to finish one product before I start on another). But I did take a sniff and the Sweet creamy frosting shower gel smells like vanilla frosting. I can't wait to try it in the shower.

Left: red-Velvet Cake, Right: Sweet CreamyFrosting

Unfortunately, when I shower with the red velvet cake shower gel, the smell does not linger on me. It is as if the smell only lasts while you are showering, and then poof! It's gone. I don't really mind because sometimes I don't like my body washes to clash with perfume or other body lotions I apply. But I wouldn't mind smelling of red velvet cake all day! That would be the best.

Overall, this is a great gift set to give to a loved one, or get it as a treat for yourself. I also loved that this set contains 2 actual recipe cards. They each contain recipes for red-velvet cake, and sweet creamy frosting. I love the packaging as well. It is a flip open box, that contains a cute little bow, and you can even store recipe cards inside.

Recipe Card for Red Velvet Cake

Recipe Card for Sweet Creamy Frosting

Flip-Open box

I will definitely check out more Philosophy shower gels in the future, just for their great smells and variety, and because they are great at making my shower experience a relaxing one. Nothing like the smell of sweet treats without piling on the calories. Now that's sweet!

What are your favorite Philosophy shower gels? Let me know in the comments section!

Disclosure: I bought the Philosophy recipe Box on my own at Sephora. I am not affiliated with Sephora or Philosophy.

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