Fashion Show And Tell: Kathy Van Zeeland Bag (and a little bit about black friday shopping)

Hey loves!

I hope you all had a nice and memorable Thanksgiving! I had a great time, and I am totally stuffed! As everybody knows, it was a black friday weekend and there were so many people was so crazy!

I didn't buy much on Black Friday just a few things here and there.

I stopped by MACY'S because they were having buy one sweater and get one free, so I got 2 sweater dresses. And then I went to Forever 21 and got a pair of leggings which were $5.00 and a scarf for $7.00. I went to Old Navy and got 2 sweaters because they were $15.00 each and all jeans were $15.00-pretty good deal huh?

As for online Black Friday shopping I just took advantage of some last minute news I read online-on if you make a $20 purchase you get 6 green nail polishes for free! So, I jumped on that right away because that offer did not last long at all! I can't wait to show you all the swatches when I get it in the mail. I can't wait to do some nail of the day with the polishes too.
I also ordered (finally) the coastal scents 88 piece eyeshadow palette! I cant wait to get that in the mail as well and show you all some looks that I come up with it.

I wanted to show you all this Fab bag that I got in Burlington Coat Factory. It is by Kathy Van Zeeland and it was only $50 (originally $99). I love this bag. It is so cute, and spacious and great for traveling with on the weekends. I love that it is a dark navy color as well, as I don't own any navy bags.

Here are some pictures, Enjoy!

Love this bag! I especially love the quilted feel of it

Cute Crown Zipper Handle :)

Inside Of The Bag-Love all the pocket compartments

I hope you all enjoyed and Thanks for stopping by! Did any of you get anything for Black Friday? Let me know in the comments section!

Disclosure: I purchased this bag in Burlington Coat Factory with my own cash money.


  1. LOVE THAT BAG! Sometimes her bags have too much ornamentation on them, but I found the cutest one in Marshalls one day. But I didn't have the money then and my sister swopped it up and BOUGHT IT!!!! :(
    I hardly bought anything on Black Friday as well.

  2. I definitely agree with you. I was looking at all the other Kathy Van Zeeland bags and they were very heavily emeblished. This was the only bag I found from her line that was a bit toned down, but chic at the same time :)