Fashion Crave: Forever 21

Hey Loves!

Here is another installment of Fashion Crave in where I let 'yall know what I am craving for (fashion wise). For this installment of Fashion crave, I am featuring Forever 21...I know again! I am not advertising for Forever 21 in any way, I just simply feel like their clothes are always on point, trendy, and very in for every season.

Here are my picks. See anything you like? have it? Let me know in the comments section loves!

This dress is super cute! One shoulder dresses look fab on everybody and they look very elegant too. I can see this looking amazing with black pumps and/or black tights. Great outfit for the holiday parties with the family coming up! I also love the elastic waist because that ensures a comfortable fit...and I am all about comfy.

All I can say is wow! This top screams for me...I want it! Again, I love the one shoulder, and I am really loving the embellishments and details on the top. Satin is very trendy and glam. I can see this top looking great with dark blue skinny jeans, and black or silver heels. has a drawstring waist which equals comfort-Love!

Long short sleeved and sleeveless cardigan sweaters are very in this fall/winter. I think they look adorable with a short sleeved or long sleeved Tee under, and comfy skinny jeans and flats, or boots. The possibilities are endless. OK, what's taking me so long to get a long cardigan? You can never go wrong with versatile pieces of clothing.

Aren't these booties adorable? The heels are fab, and oh my-look at the studs on 'em. I can see this looking glam with a short mini-dress, and skinny jeans paired with a fab top.

Yup, another bootie. But as I like to think, a girl can never have enough booties. I love the rounded toe look, and the basket weave look. Very chick paired with skinny jeans and a mini dress.

I love this necklace. It looks so expensive than it really is! This necklace is sure to really be an attention getter. Remember, when wearing bold accessories such as this necklace, make sure its only ONE bold accessory. If you have to many attention grabbing pieces, you are going to get lost on there somewhere. Let yourself shine, and only let one piece of jewelry shine along with you!



  1. Those studded shoes and the purple top is very pretty.

  2. Cute stuff. I HAVE to try their stuff on in the store. I never know how it'll fit me. Sometimes it's too small...too big. *sighs*

  3. @Kimmy- I know the purple top is adorable!!!!

    @Rai- I know what you mean, I am the same way when it comes to Forever 21. That is why I never shop online from them, I just go to the store because their sizing is really tricky! lol.

  4. I loooove cardigans. Chic & comfy at the samy time..& those basket weave ankle boots are the business!

  5. @Jess-I hear you girl! They are adorbs!!!! :)