E.L.F. Hollywood Eyelash Kit: My Quest with Learning How to Apply False Lashes! And a Review

When I found out that E.L.F. arrived at my local Target store, I knew I had to check out the display. To my dismay, there was not much variety to choose from. I noticed there were a lot of E.L.F. makeup kits. See, I am not one to wear false eyelashes...I always thought that my eyelashes were pretty nice. They were long and thick. But most importantly, I have always been afraid to tamper with false eyelashes. I don't know what it is but there is something intimidating to me about false eyelashes. They look fab on! But I have come to realize that the application process is one that needs to be practiced before it can be done right.

I saw the E.L.F. Hollywood Eyelash kit ($3.00) and I caved in and bought it. I thought they looked so thick, and glam. I was willing to get these babies to work for me.

The E.L.F. Hollywood Eyelash Kit contains 1 pair of false lashes, eyelash glue, lash applicator, and a lash stand. Good deal for $3.00 eh?

I tried putting these babies on the first time knowing that it was ok if I did not get it right because lashes can be stored away for use again. I tried putting them on the first time and it did not work out at all! I made a huge mess.

I tried a second time, and although it does not look perfect I think it looked quite better. I think what helped me was that I cut the end of the lash strip a bit because I realized they were quite too long. And I also used the help of some tweezers when it came to sticking the lashes to my outer and inner corners of the eye lids. That helped a whole lot!

Here are pictures of the lashes on me. Please don't hold my crappy false lash application against me-I will keep on practicing until I get it right! Practice makes perfect right? But if I do say so myself, the lashes do make quite a statement. They can change your whole look dramatically.

E.L.F. lashes-aren't they glam?

I think you can see the eyelash band here! Oops!

Now, let's get to talking about the kit itself.

Here are pictures of the Kit:

E.L.F. Hollywood Eyelash Kit

Lash Applicator

1. Great starter kit for those who are looking to experiment with false lashes

2. The eyelash glue is surprisingly good. It gets tacky and makes for a nice lash application. But I have heard that DUO eyelash glue is quite good, so I may look out for that one.

3. The price is great!


1. I find the lash stand and the lash applicator useless. It was quite hard to apply the lashes using the E.L.F. lash applicator because it is so big! I would rather use plain good ol' tweezers, as they are much easier to use and they allow you to move the lashes around more comfortably.

2. Lashes feel a little heavy on me. I don't know if it was that my application was off, but they felt like they weighed a ton on my eyes!

Overall, nice kit to play around with. But I am sure there are much better lashes out there.

Have any of you tried this lash kit? Love it hate it? Any tips for me when it comes to applying lashes? Let me know in the comments section loves!

Disclosure: I purchased this eyelash kit at my local Target store with my own money.

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  1. Omg I def almost bought this kit! I still probably will. I want to wear falsies but my lashes are super curly naturally so its hard to apply them. I guess i need to practice too LOL