Beauty Crave: Hair Care Editon

Hey Beauties!

Here is another installment of Beauty Crave. Except this time I am featuring hair products that I want to get my hands on!

Lets get started shall we?

I am dying for this treatment! I always see youtube videos of people raving mad about this oil. The Moroccan Oil is good for hair that is dry and damaged (like mine is-boo!). It provides hair with shine, it eliminates frizz, and protects hair from environmental pollutants among many other benefits. Best of all, this oil does not contain animal ingredients and is not tested on animals! Yippee!

Ahh Yes! The famous CHI Silk Infusion. I can't believe I don't have this yet. This product is great for applying to damp hair before blow drying and flat ironing. It does not contain alcohol and it's great for making the hair soft.

I am really curious to know how this clipless curling iron works. I am sure it will give my hair beautiful curls. My hair is a bit hard to curl unfortunately. I curl my hair with a curling iron and I spray away like crazy to make sure it will hold all day. But it is no use, my hair falls limp quite quickly. Maybe this iron will help my curls hold better. One day I shall try this and see. This iron is 100% ceramic, heats up to 320 degrees, and comes with a heat resistant glove.

This hair serum looks like it could do wonders for my super frizzy hair. It is interesting too because this serum is activated to provide shine when you apply heat to it. It also doesn't hurt that it smells like cherries! Yum!

Have any of you tried any of these products mentioned above? Let me know in the comments section loves!

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  1. Morrocan Oil is aaaamazing!! It makes your hair so shiny & soft without making your hair greasy! Same with the silk infusion! & they both smell sooooooo good!