Sephora Sale!

Happy Sunday! The weekend is about to come to an end...but I know something that can perk people right up. A good sale! I was browsing on and I saw a ton of stuff at reduced prices in the sale section. Items are even up to 75% off!

Stock up lovelies! Click Here to check out the sale section.

Here are a few items that I think you all may find interesting:


If you loved the smurfs back in the days, and you all thought the Too Faced smurf collection was adorable, but didn't want to shell out the hefty prices for them, take a look at the Sephora sale section because they have a whole bunch of Too Faced smurf stuff on sale!


Ok, $5.00 from $24.00 on a smashbox eyeshadow? Say no more...I want one!

I personally have never tried other Stila products other than their famous Smudge Pot cream eyeliner ($20.00), which is fab by the way! But I always hear so much about how great Stila eye shadows are. And how great they apply-smooth like butta, with great pigmentation.

All image

Happy Shopping!

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