CVS Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes Rave

I hope all of you dolls are doing super great. Doing anything exciting this weekend? As for me, I am gonna do lots of HW, hang out with the hub and my dogs, and catch up on my blog posting! Blogging is a great love of mines, but when school work calls-I gotta answer it...leaving me drained for the rest of the week.

You know when you have those nights of clubbing and partying, and when you get home at around 5 AM you are too tired to take the time to take off and wash off the makeup? Believe it or not, almost all of us are guilty of that...yes me too! I know you are too! We all know the number one beauty rule, and makeup rule is to wash off all that junk on yo' face. By washing everything off, we eliminate the possibility of getting clogged pores, and most of all ACNE and breakouts! But most of us are just too tired. What is a gal' to do?

Solution maybe? Well, a great tip is to always have a pack of makeup remover wipes by your bedside. That way, you will have an easy one step method of removing your makeup off at night. Makeup remover wipes that I am so loving right now are the CVS Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes ($2.99 for the trial pack of 15).


CVS Cleansing and Makeup remover Towelettes


Check out the awesome flip open lid and sealer. Great way to ensure that the wipes don't dry out!

Not only can they be found at your local CVS store right around the corner (well, mine is) but I just love how efficient and beneficial they are. CVS has many versions of makeup remover wipes, and the ones that I picked up are claimed to be compared to Pond's Clean Sweep. So if you are a fan of those, check these out!

Here are some skin beneficial features:

1. Deep cleans and removes impurities
2. contains Chamomile
3. Vitamin E
4. Triple Tea Complex
5. Alcohol and oil-free
6. Hypoallergenic
7. Safe for contact lens wearers
8. Dermatologist and opthalmologist tested
9. Contains a fresh fragrance

Wowzers! all those deets sound good to me.

I just take one of these babies, and wipe my face clean. I must say that this does the job well. I love that the wipes dont burn or sting my eyes like others do. It does seem to remove all of my makeup off-even my eye makeup and mascara! But, on those days when I am not so lazy, I actually wash my face with a cleanser right after I swipe just to make sure that everything is actually off my face. Another great thing about these wipes is that they do not dry out my face at all, and they haven't caused any breakouts. My face love them!

I say check these makeup remover wipes out. They are readily available at CVS drugstores, and you cant beat the price or the amazing skin benefits these wipes have.

What are your favorite makeup remover wipes? Fill me in!

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