Product Review: Conair Pro Triple Barrel Waver

The other day I stopped by my local TJ Maxx, and I was browsing through the hair appliances section when I spotted the Conair Pro Triple Barrel Waver. I have always been curious to to see how tripe barrel wavers work, so I decided to pick it up. For $14.99, what the heck?

I recently had the chance to try this waver, and I must say that it does the job. It's really easy to use and you get good results. I believe there are better wavers out there, but if you want a waver that is at a great low price-this is a good choice.

The Conair Pro Triple Barrel Waver contains 2 heat setting switches-High, and Extra Hot. I always set mine to Extra Hot because my hair is really thick and I want to make sure that I get as much wave as possible-that holds. Although, I do wish that this waver had more options for heat settings. But always make sure to spritz on some heat protectant throughout the hair.

I love that this waver has a cool tip, and it also contains a swivel cord-which is very convenient because I really hate when cords get tangled all over the place. I also love the ceramic plates that distribute even heat all over (50-200 Degrees F)-meaning that the heat will stay constant until you shut it off. I do find though, that this iron does not truly heat up as much as I want it to (or am accustomed to)-but it could be a good quality for those who are not fond of too much heat.

Here are a few pictures of how my hair turned out, and of the waver:


nice waves!

Conair Pro Triple Barrel Waver Box

Conair Pro Triple Barrel Waver


Heat Settings

What are your favorite Triple Barrel Wavers? love em', hate em' ? Let me know in the comments section loves!

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