Product Review: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

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I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I am bringing to you all yet, another product review...yes I know, I gotta kick it up a notch and bring back more tutorials. Working on it!

Soft skin is the way to go, especially since winter is crawling up and will be here soon. I find that in the winter time, my skin gets extremely dry. It's like the cold weather sucks my skin's moisture right outta me! My sister gave to me the Satsuma Body Butter For Normal Skin by the Body Shop ($8.00-$20.00). She really is not a fan of citrus scented body lotions/butters so she gave it to me. I do like citrus scents..but did this body butter citrus my head outta this world? Read on to find out.

The Satsuma Body Butter contains satsuma oil, community trade cocoa butter, Shea butter, and melon seed oil, which are all used to deeply moisturize the skin.

Here is a rundown of the key ingredients and their benefits, according to The Body Shop website:

Satsuma Peel- Gives the product a natural fragrance.
Shea Butter- A good source of moisture for the skin that helps soften it.
Cocoa Butter- A moisturizer that melts at body's temperature, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
Melon Seed Oil- Helps to condition the skin.

Wow! This baby packs a lot of different sources of moisture.

What I noticed about this body butter immediately is the strong citrus scent. I do like citrus scents but this one is a little overwhelming to me. Even when I apply the body butter on my skin, the scent is still a bit overpowering. But it does fade a bit during the day.

I love how thick the consistency of this body butter is. It's a really thick cream that penetrates deep down the skin's surface to provide essential long lasting moisture. I rub the product on my arms and legs, and I love how quickly this body butter absorbs into my skin. I am not left with a greasy after-feel, and my skin truly feels baby soft.

Open Tub-Thick, creamy goodness of moisturization

Thick, and creamy consistency

I love the packaging as well. The tub is really cute, and convenient for me. Although, the tub may be a problem for those who prefer their products to be a bit more sanitary. But the packaging factor does not really bother me.

Tub Packaging-Cute!

Overall, this is a nice body butter and this baby will leave your skin baby soft, and moisturized. And the ingredients are very skin-friendly. Although I would not purchase this particular one for myself, I would love to try other body butters by The Body Shop because I am really happy with the moisturization this gives my skin. I especially love to use this body butter on my dry as a rock elbows and knees.

Satsuma Body Butter can be found here or available at The Body Shop retailer near you!

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