Makeup Brush Series: 5 Must Have Face Brushes:


Sorry for the long wait on this second part of the makeup brush series. If you haven't checked out the first part in which I share my 5 must have eye brushes, check it out. In this post, i will be talking about my top 5 favorite face brushes and why I consider them my favorite. As usual, I hope you all find this post informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments please leave em' in the comments section below.

1. Must Have Basic Foundation Brush: Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush ($9.99)


This foundation brush comes along with an Essence of Beauty Concealer Brush. But I am so loving the foundation brush. I use this brush to apply liquid foundations and I love the way this blends out my foundation without me really trying to blend it out like a maniac. The bristles feel really soft against my skin, and it's really easy to wash. Best part is that it does not shed whatsoever. This brush is great if you want a great foundation brush at a great price.

2. Must Have Stippling Brush: Sephora Professionnel Stippling Brush ($35.00)


I know many of you have the famous MAC 187 stippling brush, but I love this one by Sephora. The synthetic fiber bristles make it a breeze to apply liquid or cream foundations, resulting in a beautiful airbrushed skin finish. This brush makes blending a breeze and best of all, no shedding when washed. I apply a pump of liquid foundation on my hand, then I pat the brush into the foundation making sure that the tips of the white hairs are covered and I stipple the foundation on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. The I blend away and I am left with a beautiful airbrushed face. Love!

3. Must Have Mineral Makeup Brush: Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush ($20.00)


This handy buki brush from Bare Escentuals is amazing at applying mineral makeup. This brush picks up the right amount of mineral foundation and it gives you the most amazing full coverage that is so easy to achieve. Just pick up some loose mineral foundation on the buki brush, and buff away. Watch all your flaws dissapear. This stuff gives me so much full coverage, that sometimes I dont even need to use a concealer brush to hide my flaws because this does the job beautifully! This brush feels really soft against my skin, I love using it.

4. Must Have Concealer Brush: Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush ($20.00)


This concealer brush is amazing at concealing all flaws! I use this brush with mineral and liquid foundation and it works wonders. Enough said! Go get yourself this brush. I promise you won't regret it.

5. Must Have Blush Brush: Sephora Professionnel Angled Blush Brush ($28.00)


This blush brush is amazingly dense. It is perfect for applying and picking up just the right amount of blush. You can easily go from a light application to a heavier application of blush if you desire. What I mostly love about this blush brush is that it is angled, making it easier to place the blush just where it needs to go. Love!

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