Fashion Crave: Forever 21

Fashion Crave is a new series in which every week I will post what items I am dying to have. Weather it be clothes, shoes, jewelry, or handbags-a girl has a right to crave!

Forever 21:

Judy Peackock Feather Top ($19.80)

This Grey Tee is super cute! I am loving the fluttering sleeves, and I love the designs on the shirt. It's so bright and fun. I can definetley see this looking great with dark skinny jeans and ankle booties.

Tribal Feel Stretch Top ($14.80)

This top is so beautiful to me. I love the trimmed waist, which is really flattering for those who don't have hips, because it creates the illusion ofv curves and hips. This shirt looks really comfprtable to wear as well. This shirt would look great with dark blue skinny jeans and black pumps.

H81 Scoop Tank Dress ($19.90)

This dress is super cute. It has a comfprtable elastic waist-which I love dresses to have. I love the cute little flower prints on it as well. This dress would go great with some cute cowboy boots, or brown strappy gladiator sandals.

Floral Inlay Lucite Bangle ($5.80)

This bangle is adorable! If you need one accessory, to be able to make a fashion statement and complete an outfit, this bangle is it.

Egan Basket Gladiator Sandals ($18.80)

These gladiator sandals are so chick! I especially love the Zipper at the back, which makes it easy to slide them on.

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See anything here that catches your pretty eyes? Let me know!

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