Product Rave: CVS Brand Make-up Remover and Gentle Toner System

CVS make-up reover & gentle toner system


Hey Loves, Have I got a great new product for those who love to travel and are always on the go...and it is the CVS Make-up Remover and Gentle Toner System. The kit consists of 20 individually wrapped towelettes (10 make-up removers and 10 gentle toners). I took theis kit with me while on my trip to Cancun and I loved them. Boy, I love products that save me lots of time. It made taking off my makeup and toning my face super simple and quick!

The make-up remover towelettes contain chamomile, vitamin E, and triple tea complex. The gentle toner towelettes contain witch hazel (the key ingredient in most toners) and tea trea oil.

At night I wipe all my makeup off with the make-up remover towelette, and I wash my face with an acne cleanser and after I pat my face dry, I apply the gentle toner towelette and I am good to go for the night! My face is super clean and refreshed.

I love that the toner towelette does not sting my face because I have pretty sensitive skin as you all know, and I have to be careful with what I use. The towelettes have also not caused any acne breakoouts for me-huge plus! And I can't get enough of the make-up remover towelette because it truly removes all of my makeup! And I can use this towelette to even remove even my eye makeup because it doesn't sting my eyes.

The smell is not over powering to me at all-it may be for others, but overall I think the towelettes have a great tea-inticing smell. Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention-the packaging is super cute. It has stenciled-on like flower designs which I find just adorable!!!! I know, I am such a sucker for cute packaging. Gotta work on that hahaha.

I definetly suggest this for every skin type, and for anybody who is always on the go. These towelettes are quick and easy to use no matter where you are.

CVS Brand Make-up Remover and Gentle Toner System is available at CVS drugstores, and retails for under $10.00. (sorry loves, forgot how much this was-I will go to my local CVS and find out the price for you and I will update the price for you all)

Are any of you going to go to your local CVS store and get this system? If you have tried it or are looking forward to trying it, please let me know in the comments section below loves.

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