Urban Decay Primer Potion Rave (and story about how I came to love this HG primer)

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Ok loves, I am sure you are all very familiar with the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion...but I just wanted to be among those who raves about how fab this primer is. Urban Decay Primer Potion does wonders for oily eye lids by helping eye shadows last longer without creasing, and it also makes eyeshadows appear more vibrant and true to color.

My eyelids are very oily. Before I even knew about this primer potion I would always apply concealer on my eyelids to help my shadows stick...but unfortunately, that would never work because my lids always decided to let the oils return-making my shadows crease and fade away by mid day. I had always seen beauty videos on youtube and I would notice that in many eyeshadow application tutorials, they would always start off by applying a primer. Yes, I always noticed that magic little purple bottle with the wand sponge-tip applicator wand-and I realized that I had to try this product that many raved about and swore by.

I took a stroll by my local Sephora store and then I spotted it...the famous purple bottle. I admit I was a little taken aback at the $17.00 price tag for this stuff. Hey, I wasn't a big spender on makeup at the time, and I always stuck to drugstore makeup. It was until later that I realized that as long as the product works for you and you are happy with the product, the price tag does not matter. Anyway, I purchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion and immediately when I got home I had to test drive this baby.

I applied the primer with a quick thin swipe of the wand, and I blended it all over my lid. I immediately felt my lids were matte and it also didn't hurt that the primer helped out a bit in the lid discoloration department. I applied some eyeshadow and I was amazed at how bright and true the colors came out to be. When I would apply eyeshadows without a primer, my eyeshadow colors would gove me so much fall out, and the colors would "dull up" on me. But with the Urban Decay Primer Potion this was not the case. I was even more amazed at how long the shadows lasted on me. I applied the eyeshadow in the morning, and at night it looked pretty good. The shadows were still in tact but they did fade a bit, but what shadow doesn't after a long tiring day? I also loved how my eyelids were kept oil-free all day. I immediately fell in love with this primer, and I knew it would be my "best friend".

My only gripe about this primer is the packaging. Unfortunatley, a lot of product is wasted if you dont disect the package and transferring the remaining contents to a sample jar. What I did was I cut the bottle into 3 pieces (when doing this please be careful!) and I scooped out all the remaining product...boy was there a lot. Then I transfereed the rest of the primer into a little sample jar that I had lying around.

Overall, I love this primer and I can never apply my eyeshadows without it. It is a staple in my makeup kit and I am really happy that I met this primer potion. I have only tried one eyeshadow primer in the past, but it didn't wow me like UDPP did.

If any of you have not tried this primer already, please give it a whirl! What are your favorite eyeshadow primers? Share in the comments section below.

Urban Decay Primer Potion is available at Sephora stores, and www.sephora.com, and it retails for $17.00

Here are a few pictures of the comparison between eyeshadow applied by itself and eyshadow applied with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I also included pictures of how I store my Urban Decay Primer Potion into a little sample jar.

Eyeshadow: NYX "Green Tea"

Top: Eyeshadow applied with no base or primer
Bottom: Eyeshadow applied with urban decay primer potion as a base

UDPP stored in my handy dandy sample jar:

Happy Priming!

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