Product Review: Heavenly Body Glimmering Moisture Mist from Victoria's Secret


Hey Loves! I hope you are all ready for the weekend as much as I am. Boy has the weather been yucky and rainy here in New York. Which makes me just want July to come so I can enjoy the beautiful sunny warm weather in Cancun. In other news...have any of you all taken advantage of the Victoria's Secret Semi-Anual Sale going on? My goodness, I went in the store and I saw really cute bras for $25.00, and underwear for $3.99! But I was mostly eyeing on the lotions and body products. The sales on those were incredible! upto 50% to 75% off! As much as I would have loved to stock up, I didnt really buy much...actually I ended up leaving the store with one item. And that item was the Heavenly Body Glimmering Moisture Mist. I got it on sale for only $5.00! What a bargain from the original $20.00 price tag.

This mist comes in a spary bottle and you get a lot of product for the price. 8.8oz...not bad. What drew me to this mist was the product description which says "an everyday halo of shimmer for sexy, angel-smooth skin" I love shimmer on my body for the summertime and I love smooth glowing skin...who doesn't? I sprayed this on my hand in the store to give it a test drive and my skin was soft, and it had a hint of shimmer to it...but not overley done-making this product a nice option for those who are not very fond of shimmer on their body. I also loved the fact that it moisturizes my skin without leaving me with that greasy feeling, and this stuff dries super fast. I hold the spray can a few inches away from the area, and just spray on my arms, legs, and anywhere I want a hint of shimmer and I am left with moisturized skin that glows and smells great.
The mist contains great skin-friendly moisturizing ingredients such as Jojoba seed oil, and Honey extract. The smell is divine! It sort of reminds me of the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Mist.

If you can get your hands on this mist loves, please do so before the sale ends-I know I will be going back and try to find a back up of this just in case it is being discontinued and I will also look for some other goodies. If any of you have tried and tested this mist, please leave your thoughts and feelings about this product in the comments section :)

Have a great Friday!

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