Product Rave: Gillette Venus Tropical Disposable Razors


Hey Loves! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We are officially in summer mode-meaning shaving mode!
What if I told you all that you can shave with a razor that smells good all the time? Yes it's possible. With the Gillete Venus Tropical disposable razors. The razors come in a pack of three, and the razor handles have these fun bright colors to them that have a fantastic fruity tropical scent to them. The scent really lasts and lasts, because I have been using one razor for about a month now and the scent on the razor handle is still there! It has not faded at all one bit. I dont know how they do it, it is amazing. I can honestly say that I really love them and these will definetley be a summer staple for me! My only gripe about these razors is that they contain three blades, I wish it came with 5 blades like the Venus embrace. But it's not much of a problem because I still get that close shave that I always get with Venus razors.

Venus Tropical disposable razors are available at any drugstore for $10.00.

Happy Shaving!

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