Feet Loving Time with Avon Foot Works Tropical Coconut sea salt foot scrub and foot lotion


It is that time of the year loves! Where we have to start paying extra special attention to our feet and their appearance-yup you guessed it...it's sandal season!
I admitt that I have not been paying attention to my feet, and not getting pedicures every 2 weeks. But with these economic times going on, who can cash out $20.00 every two weeks! I always believed that people can do things just as well at home, without having to spend money.

I am a big fan of doing pedicures at home on myself...eventhough I gotta step my game up and get with it! I want to let you all know about my new pedicure products from Avon. It is from the Foot Works line and it includes the tropical coconut sea salt foot scrub and the tropical coconut foot lotion. The scent is to die for! I really love coconut scents and these products are right up my alley.

Tropical Coconut Sea Salt Scrub:
This foot scrub smells divine right out of the bottle. The scrub is feels really nice on my feet. And I love that the scrub is really creamy and the beads are not rough, they are just right and relaxing. I massage the scrub on my damp feet concentrating on my heels, and this really takes away all my dry and rough skin cells and leaves my feet really soft.
The foot scrub contains coconut and sea kelp which helps energize feet and keep them moisturized. It also contains sea salt and natural sand to take away the rough and dry skin. I love this foor scrub. This is definetley my staple for a pedicure.

Tropical Coconut Foot Lotion:
I apply this foot lotion when I finish scrubbing and when I dry my feet. This lotion is very soothing on my feet and I feel like my pedicure is complete after I apply this lotion. The lotion conditions the feet with the "moisturizing mix of coconut and and sea kelp" and it also "cools and soothes hot, tired feet". All of this sounds like heaven! And my feet definetley feel soothed and sandal ready.

Get pedicure ready with this foot scrub and foot lotion, your lovely feet will thank you all for it.

Foot Works Tropical Coconut Foot Lotion and Tropical Coconut sea salt foot scrub is available through an Avon representative and on www.avon.com The lotion retails for $4.99 and the foot scrub retails for $3.99

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