Product Rave: Cover Girl Lash Blast


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Hey loves, I hope you all had a great Monday! My Monday was ok. I went to school and after school I went to hang out with my boyfriend for a bit. The only bad part about today was that it was raining all day here in NYC...I hate rainy gloomy days:( but its nothing a little makeup talk cant fix! hahaha.
I wanted to tell you all about a beauty product I am absolutley in love with, and I cant get enough of...I am talking about none other than my favorite mascara in the whole world-Cover Girl Lash Blast! I have been using Cover Girl Lash Blast for a few months now and I really love it. It does it all for me-it lengthens my lashes, it volumizes them and best of all, I get no clumping whatsoever! Thats amazing to me because all these other mascaras that I have used would always clump on me no matter how I applied it. I also love that this mascara is readily available in any drugstore for under $10.00-talk about a bargain loves! Some may not like the big gigantic brush the wand has but I love it and it does not bother me. The brush still lets me apply my mascara easily, and efficiently (eventhough I am careful that I dont poke my eye out-because the brush wand is pretty big, so please be careful you all dont poke your pretty eyes). Try this mascara out loves, and if you try it I hope you all come to love it as much as I do.

P.S. I got a free mini tube of Benefit cosmetics's Bad Gal Lash-I have not tried it out yet...but I will soon and I will do a review on it. Lets see if Bad Gal will stray me away from Lash Blast. Stay tuned loves!

Love you all, Alina

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