Product Review- Curly Hair Love: mark. Curl Goddess gel and curling mist review


Hey Loves,

I hope you all are having a great week so far. I am sorry I have been missing for a few days, just had some stuff to take care of...But I am back and I want to let you all know about my 2 new favorite hair products for curly hair.

I have frizzy, unruly crazy curly hair and everytime I try to style my curly hair with a curling gel or mousse, my hair always ends up hard and weighed down because of the haviness of the hair products. Well, I was introduced to 2 items from the Curl Goddess line. These 2 products are available at for $5.00 each! What a steal! You can also get them from an avon representative. Since my sister is an Avon representative, I purchased these 2 hair products from her. I got the Curl and Wave defining gel, and the curling mist. I am in love!!!! Both of these hair products contain sunflower that is used to help condition the hair. Thats a plus, since my hair needs all the moisture and conditioning it can get!

Curl and Wave Defining Gel:

Curling Mist:

I apply the curl and wave defining gel thouroughly on my damp curly hair and then I set everything with the curling mist...and I must say, WOW! My hair feels so soft as the day goes by and my hair starts to air dry a bit, and there are no tangles or weighing down of hair at all. This product does a good job at holding my curls in place while allowing my curls to look more defined and soft at the same time. The smell is to die for-the smell is sort of like a fresh clean hair smell...I hope that made sense hahaha. The smell of the gel is kind of overwhelming at first, but when its on the hair, it smells divine.
I definetley recommend this product for those of you who have frizzy unruly curly hair...have any of you lovley readers tried the curling gel and mist? If you have, please let me know in the comments and let me know what you think!

Have a good one lovlies, Love you all

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