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Hey Loves, here is my review on my favorite new HG Cleaser!
I have always had an itch to try the Philosphy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser. What stopped me was the fear of my skin having a bad reaction to the cleanser. Here is a quick biogrophy on my skin: I have the most sensitive acne-prone skin you could ever imagine. I have a super oily T-Zone and nothing can control the oil unless I keep reapplying translucent setting powder. Ok, back to the review. I was at Sephora one day and I decided to purchase the mini 3 Ounce bottle that retails for $10.00. I have been using the cleanser for about 1 month now and I have been using it every morning and night before I go to bed. The biggest advantage that this cleanser claims is that it will remove all traces of makeup.

You can apply this cleanser on a dry face and rub the cleanser in with your fingers, or apply it on a damp face. I tried applying it on a dry face, and I didnt really like it much, I felt the product sinked into my skin and didnt take off anything. I dont know if I used too little bit of product or what, but all I know is that I love splashing my face with water, and taking a dime sized amount of Purity and massaging it into my face for about a minute, then rinse off. This cleanser feels so creamy on my skin, it does not lather-many may have a problem with that, but I dont mind at all. What I love about this cleanser the most is that it does not sting my eyes!!!! I rub a bit of Purity cleanser on my eye to remove some extra mascara residue I may have missed while taking off my makeup with makeup remover wipes.

This cleanser has not interfeared with my sensitive acne prone skin at all! In fact, I believe my face looks healthier and my skin is glowing. I also have noticed that my acne has been deminishing latley. I believe this is all due to the Purity Cleanser. The ingredients are very skin friendly. I also love that this cleanser does not dry out my skin at all. There are many cleansers that leave my face with that tight-dry feeling right after I wash and this cleanser does not do that, it leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and soft. My only gripe about this cleanser is the smell...I cant really point out what the smell is, but it can be very overwhelming, but I can handle the smell, so I dont really mind it.

I will definetley be re-purchasing this cleanser in the full size bottle once my little mini bottle is done. I must also add that the little mini-sized Purity bottle seems to be lasting me a long time...almost a month of using this cleanser and the bottle is not even half-way done!

You can purchase Purity Made Simple Cleanser at Sephora stores or the Sephora Website at

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